Thursday, October 11, 2012

Star Gazing with Wines

Julia and I joined Kedington at the Upperhouse for their annual wine fair last night for a tasting of no less than 80 wines.  While I can't claim to have tried them all (I certainly tried), I can report on some of my highlights.

New Zealand

We started on whites in Argentina, made our way round through Chile, Australia, California, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, Germany, and finally France.  Then made our way back through the reds. 

Reds and sweet from Woodstock (McLaren Vale, Austalia)
Of all the whites, two really stuck out.  The first was from Argentina, a reserve Chardonnay.  This Mendozan wine spent 6 month in French oak, was smooth and please our entire party!  The second was classically, a Chablis.  Both of these wines were similar; lean, crisp, and totally Chardonnay.  And both were under $150!

So many wines to choose from!

Of the reds I especially enjoyed the Dolcetto Lagrein, and at $99, it's a steal!  This Italian varietal was produced in the Limestone Coast of Australia, was smooth, fruity, and really wowed me.

Miss Julia hard at work
Both Julia and I had the same overall favorite of the evening;  Primus Malbec 2004.  This wine was spectacular.  So spectacular that they don't make it every year; only in the best of years.  This special unfiltered wine needs to be decanted, and you could just taste the rugged earthiness in it.  It tasted like dirt, and I mean that in the best way possible.

The whole event was just spot on.  From the location (outside overlooking the city from the Upper House), to the reps (all flown in specially for this event and just chock full of knowledge), to the gourmet food (whole ham, charcuterie, Parmesan), to the weather, to the staff, to everything.  Spot on.  Thanks, Kedington!!  Can't wait until next year!

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