Thursday, October 11, 2012

Remix Truff and FG

So we all know that foie gras goes great with some fig jam and a glass of Sauternes, and that truffles are wonderful in pasta and eggs.  But, did you know, there are hundreds (thousands?) of creative ways to use these gourmand's favorites?

Here's a few of our favorite twists

  • Top your sushi!  I can't tell you how many of our customers rave about this umami on umami combination.  Use the truffle sauce as a topping, or use truffle oil as a soy sauce substitute.  
PAIRING SUGGESTION: Classically, it's got to be Champagne.  You're already feeling adventurous so why not give a dry rose a try!?  The fleshy mouth feel from a Grenache or Tempranillo rose will complement oily fish, eggs, and of course, tartufa!
  •  Top your ramen! Add some earthiness to your instant noodles, to make this cheap eat borderline fancy. 
 PAIRING SUGGESTION: Again, a Tempranillo rose seems to work best here, but go a little crazy and try it with a really expensive, vintage Barolo.  This ain't a street food no mo'.

  •  Bake some foie gras macarons!  Here's how:  
    • Sift together 200 grams of icing sugar with 125 grams of almond powder and warm these powders in the over for 15 minutes at 50 C
    • Beat 3 egg whites until stiff peaks form, add 45 grams of caster sugar, and the almond/sugar powder and let rest.
    • Use a piping bag to make macaron cookie.  Pipe the egg  mixture into small discs and allow to dry
    • Cook cookies for 13 minutes at 150 degrees C.  
    • Mix 100 grams foie gras and 2 spoonfuls of fig jam
    • Spread fig/fg mix between two cookies
    • Voila!
 PAIRING SUGGESTION: Sweet sweet wine.  Try a nice Grenache fortified wine from the Rhone, or a Moscato d'Asti for some sparkle!

  • And finally, give truffle foie gras a shot!  That's right my friends, truffles + foie gras.  Do it, and do it now. 
Got any other crazy concoctions?  Facebook em to me!

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