Monday, October 8, 2012

Pain d'Pro

Just opened today!
Here's what's hot and happening in Kwun Tong this week:  PAIN d'PRO!  Right next door to HOFWs you can find all things bread, including a red wine and chocolate toast.  This leads me to a questions, what do you think about wine as a flavor as opposed to a beverage?

Wine cupcakes
Wine ice cream
Wine tea (Julia has it in France!)
Wine gum (google it)

Ok, so maybe the aforementioned aren't your everyday kind of items.  In fact, most of those sound totally disgusting to me.  So why do we have this impetus to integrate our beloved beverage into something it's not; food!  Perhaps it's because we've been cooking with it for centuries.

Who doesn't love a good a good beef Bourguignon?  Sauce Bordelaise.  Clams in white wine sauce over linguini.  Bouillabaisse. Chicken Marsala.  Consomm√©Rosemary Sherry pork chops.  Coq au vin.  Poires au vin rouge. This list goes on.

I personally cook with wine all the time.  Why let that last little over oxidised bit go to waste?  Saute some veggies or use it as the base of a sauce, easy, economical, and good for your heart.  Right.  What are you favorite wine recipes? 

Back to the bakery.  Pain d'Pro is a wonderful new addition to this lunch sparse neighborhood.  Currently they just offer a (wide) array of breads, but the owner informed me that she plans to offer salads and soups shortly.  Check out the variety of breads below:

I had the pleasure of trying the walnut cheese bread, Swiss chocolate (divine), coffee, and was even bestowed a purple rice and longan bun to share with my collegues.  All breads were totally tasty and unlike the breads you'll find in the likes of King Bakery, Arome, or any number of the others.  Well done, PdP.  Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

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