Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Spit or Swallow

Decisions decisions.  Have you ever spit a wine?  We opened an 'off' bottle yesterday in the office and we all almost spit.  Luckily that wasn't the story at the Spit or Swallow Taste of Tasmania last night. 

Wine'N'Things hosted an evening about all things Tasmania at PLAY in LKF.  The venue, although dark (it is a club), was spacious and had ulta attentive staff, and had a pool table for some post wine gameage. 

This is a part of a monthly series that Wine'N'Things does to promote different wines and different venues.  The aim of the game is to walk from table to table tasting wines and marking 'Spit' if you don't like it, or 'Swallow' if you do.  The wine with the most 'Swallows' at the end of the night will go on special for the next month.

At the end of the tasting is a wine that you have to blind taste and guess.  If you guess right (which I did not) you get a bottle to take home!  Last night's surprise wine was a 2008 American Shiraz blend.  I guessed 2010.  And Australia. 

First stop sparkling Champagne blend from Ninth Island.  This was fruity, not very toasty, and rich in bubbles.  A nice beginning to the evening.  Swallow. 

Skip ahead a couple, and I tasted a lovely Pinot Gigio from Tamar Ridge Estate.  This was crisp, highly aromatic, and packed a punch at 14% abv.  Swallow.

I think my favorite swallow of the night was Pipers Brook Estate Chardonnay 2007.  This was complex, lightly oaked, nice acid, and was reminiscent of a Burgundian Chard.  It's partner in crime, Tamar Ridge Estate Kayena 2009 was also a lovely Chardonnay, but a little more in your face, popcorny, MLFed.  Swallow double.

Then we turned to reds.  Since Tasmania has such a cool climate (have you seen how far South it is!?) Pinot Noir tends to do well here.  We had an 07 and 08 from Pipers Brook and Tamar, which were both lovely.  The Pipers Brook was more fruit driven whereas the Tamar was more meaty, or as Marco,ex-wine maker, Sales Manager says, manly.  Swallow.

We rounded off the evening with a little sip of heaven.  Botrytis Riesling from Tamar Ridge.  Sweet, but not cloyingly so, this is something you want to take a swim in.  And swim we did.  Swallow.

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