Sunday, July 15, 2012

Jordan Made to Week 2!

Hey it's Jordan again, hope you had a good weekend, I've lasted another week!

This week was less of a learning week in terms of wine knowledge, and more of a week where I've been an actually  semi-functional member of HOFWs. Without any palettes coming in, I'd be following up customers on the phone or email, doing some field sales, deliveries, waitering at HOFW anniversary and trying to get love-struck Lionel out for a lads night out.

Despite the temperature last week nearing the surface of the sun, field sales was actually enjoyable.  Okay, so maybe I'd finish the day as a sweaty mess, but it was fun to walk around places such as Sheung wan, Sai Ying Pun, Causeway Bay, and Tin Hao.  It was nice talking to people and to practically apply my knowledge that I'd researched and learnt the week before.  It really got my fluency up! Met some characters out there, and only had a few times when my response was 

"Errh don't umm know, ahhh I'll call the boss".

When I wasn't out by my self I helpedSean do deliveries.  Like I've mentioned before, the guy is the next step in human evolution.  Even with a back strain sustained in the line of duty, he would manage to run around Hong Kong at warp 5. I'm going to his boot camp class next week for a battle royale of the ages.

On Thursday we had our anniversary party.  Just shout out to everyone who was there Greg is NOT my dad. It was the first time I had tried any of our wines. My favorite is the Chateau L'heyrisson.  It has such a rich bouquet of flavors and aromas, despite it being such a young wine! The Pinot Griggio was a close second; crisp, lean, coupled with strong citrus flavors, this would be perfect to enjoy with a meal.

Anyway I though it was great and headed up the FLA ( free loaders association) with Lionel.  Some of the team went for a bit of a kick on after in Lan Kwai.  We weeded out members of HOFW who couldn't party hard enough, leaving a fellowship of Lionel, Julia, and myself to hit up the notorious Wan Chai.

Until next week.

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