Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Anniversary to Us!

We celebrated our anniversary last night at AME Gallery in Central.  A super big THANKS to Anna for hosting such a lovely evening with us!!!

Chateau Dubois Challon with some confit de pork

Not only was it our anniversary and a big summer sale for Anna, but it was also the launch of two of our new wines and our new gourmet food.

Chef Julia
Julia, our resident food expert, put together and exquisite spread of all things French....and German...and Scottish...and Italian...  Here's what she prepared:
  • Scottish salmon with cream cheese, garlic, and herbs
  • German salami squares
  • Italian Truffle provolone crackers
  • French foie gras and fig jam crackers
  • Rustic bread topped with French pork confit, olives, and tomatoes
  • Rustic bread topped with French goose terrine and chestnuts, tomatoes and pickles
  • Melon wrapped in German ham
'Twas quite the feast.   And the feast was demolished.   So it goes.

And then there was the wine!  Ohh the wine.

We started with my favorite, Uvagio Storico Prosecco.  Small persistent bubbles with a nice toasty yeasty flavor.  Always a crowd pleaser. 
Speaking of crowd pleasers, hey Jordan!

Next up was our brand spankin new Chateau Dubois Challon 2011.  This Bordeaux white is produced by famous winemaker, Pascal Delbeck.  He inhertied 5 vineyards (lucky!) from Madame Challon, of whom he had been a long time employee.  Due to the extreme finanical hardships of owning 5 vineyards, he only kept minority shares in Chateau Ausone and Belair, and retains ownership of 4 other properties.
AME Gallery
Tasting Notes: Green fruits with lingering floral notes.  To me this is so special because that jasmine flavor sticks with you minutes after sipping.  Round and aromatic, this is a lovely lovely white.
Cheers Andrew, Young Lionel, Paul, and Jordan!

Did you know that last year 82% of the wine consumed in Hong Kong was red!?  True story, so onto our other new premiere.

Chateau Haut Veryac 2009 Saint Emilion Grand Cru.   The unanimous response to this wine was shock at the drinkability.  We all expect big austere tannins, but wrong we were.  It was soft, expressive of red fruit, and totally ready to drink now.  Right on 2009.

What are your go to celebration wines?  How do you imbibe on birthdays, anniversaries, Groundhogs day?

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