Monday, April 30, 2012

Find Wine

Staurday afternoon we joined the fine folks of the Find Wine iphone app for a wine tasting at Manchester United in TST.  Find Wine is a new (still in development, although live) app where you can search by location, wine, or deal, to find out how to hunt down the vino you're after.  After attending as a guest last month, we were asked to come pour this month.  And pour we did.

HOFWs fanatics
We brought four lovely wines; two entry level, and two nicer wines, and sampled our little brains out for 3 hours.  I think the biggest hit for this event was the Poggio dei Vigneti Sparkling Rose.  Perhaps it was the heat, or maybe just the abundance of females, but this sparkler found its crowd.

Truffles, NV Cabernet, Poggio Rose, Saint Emilion 2004, Barolo Albenza DOCG

Did anyone go to Beertopia!?  I heard it was crowded but an absolute blast.  What'd you try!???

New best buds

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