Tuesday, April 10, 2012

As Promised

I told you before Easter that I would try some new and interesting beverages over Easter vacation, and disappoint I did not!  Despite the fact that there seems to be a serious lack of comments [read: ZERO] on this blog, I will go ahead and fulfill my side of the deal.

#1. Glenlivet Whiskey Tasting
Although not particularly new to me (I went to their tasting in November), it was still nonetheless interesting.  The tasting was held in the Hong Kong Jockey Club in Happy Valley.  We tasted the 12, 15, and 18 year whiskeys, and even had an opportunity to taste them from 'normal' glasses and then again in Riedel-specifically-designed-for-Glenlivet-glasses.  Not going to lie, there was a HUGE difference.  My guests suspected there was some sort of mental manipulation going on, but I think the glasses are really just that awesome.  And as you probably could have guessed, the 18 year was definitley my favorite of the whiskeys.  It was so smooth and oaky that it immediately transports you to sitting in front of a fireplace in a ski lodge while snow dumps down outside.  Until you step out on the balcony and realize it's 24 degrees and humid...
Food pairings for 18 year Scotch

#2 Banana Bread Beer

I saw this at Uncle Russ Coffee in Central Ferry Pier for Mui Wo.  Despite the fact that it was before noon, my friend and I decided this was a not to miss opportunity.  Have YOU ever seen banana bread beer before?  Well, on the bottle it says fermented with bananas, and just one tiny sip of this and you don't doubt it.  I quickly decided this would be the perfect breakfast beer pairing with banana pancakes.  I'll save this one for Sundays. 

#3 Georgian Wine

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I bought a wine from Georgia.  The  label is mostly in...Gergian? so I don't know the exact blend, but it's from the Teliani Valley vineyard.  It's a very big wine.  A bit austere and definitely powerful.  Definitely not for easy summer drinking, but was a nice after dinner stand alone kind of wine.  It didn't total wow me, but I would definitely give it a go again. 

So please, will at least one of you share something?! 

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