Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Adelaide Cellar Door


Last night we joined Adelaide Cellar Door in Wan Chai for their monthly wine tasting.  They have an impressive showroom with a range of, as you probably could have guessed, mostly Australian wines.  Although they do have other countries represented as well.


We started with my favorite, the Bundaleer Sparkling Shiraz NV.  Sparkling and red!?  DELISH. It's totally unexpected, tastes precisely how a Shiraz should...with fizz.  Fruity, with black currant, cassis, and light spice, and best of all BUBBLES!

We also tried their house (they own their own vineyards!) Chardonnay and Cab Sauv from Tall Trees.  Both lovely in their own right.  Of the whites, I most enjoyed the fruity Little Goat Creek Sauvignon Blanc.  This vineyard also raises goats, hence the name, so all of their wines are certified organic.  You can't be spraying pesticides alongside your goats, now can you!?

We finished off the evening with two very different Shirazes.  The first Barinia Shiraz 2008 had nice flavors of cherry, but the real star was the Hahn Catharina Shiraz 2006 from the Barossa Valley.  It was very fruit foward with big blackberry flavors, spice, and hints of vanilla.  Yummmy.

In addition to tasting delicious wines, we also met some very knowledgable wine enthusiasts.  Cessy and Lizzie were both work for Adelaide and were passionate and helpful in telling us all about their wines.  It was a really lovely start to the evening.

For those interested, they offer a new 4 week wine course.  Check it out here.

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