Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Loco for Espana

Yesterday afternoon we had a really great meeting with some fine fellows from Spain.  They showed us some of their products which ranged from gourmet food items to high end Cavas, and we were lucky enough to sample one of their wines with them.  They brought a 2010 freshly bottled Finca de Los Locos from Artuke.  The owner of the vineyard warned that it would be better to wait a few months to enhance the flavors, but since they were only in Hong Kong one week, we couldn't be picky.  It definitely tasted austere with strong tannins and acidity, but you could tell it would be really nice in a few months.  As we let it breathe, the flavours just kept getting mellower and better.  Definitely a wine to come back to later. 

On a separate and totally unrelated note...

It only took eight years to start to see 'The Sideways Effect' start to reverse
Have you seen it? I watched it just recently and it definitely makes me want to take a trip to Napa!

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