Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Diary of an Intern; Wednesday

I'm falling in love with the aromas of wine that I cannot drink...

For the first time today I learned how to input invoices i to the computer into a software called Peachtree. Then I printed price lists and put them into envelopes so that Sean could give them to art galleries for the artwalk that coming up next month. Furthermore, we all grouped together and got are orders for today, checking we got the right amount, the right wine, and correct prices. Later in the day I went with Sean to deliver wines to a few different customers. Then we walked around Central to all the art galleries giving them the letters that I printed, so they would consider are wine.

At night I helped set up a very classy wine tasting in SoHo in a Japanese restaurant. I prepared some of the snacks for the tasting. We had Spanish gourmet foods sardines and scallops. We also had foie gras and truffle sauce. Then I had to sit, watch and listen for 2 hours and not drink any -_-

It was interesting though as I have 000 knowledge about wines. There was a wine expert there who was talking through each wine about the smells, tastes and colors. They tasted 4 wines and one Champagne. There was also another wine specialist who matching the smells to a aroma master, which has all the different types of aromas.

The thing that I found most interesting was how there can be so many different tastes and smells in a type of wine, and that there are thousands of different grape varieties.

p.s. while no one was looking I slipped myself a glass of champagne

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