Monday, February 13, 2012

Question for our readers...

Have any of you done a wine certification?  From what I'm finding, WSET is the way to go.  HKU Space offers a course in English run by a highly esteemed expert Ian Symonds, but as luck would have it, it already started for the spring term.  I suppose we'll have to wait for summer.

Any members of the HK Sommelier Association?  

Any self-trained wine experts that would like to impart their knowledge over here??


Today I'm off to Bisous for a presentation on Building a Brand Through Social Media. This is a part of Social Media Week which is a worldwide event where people come together to share new techonolgy, thoughts, approaches, and general enthusiasm for social media.  I'm really interested to see how I can grow our followers, make our content more interesting, and present it all in an easy and accessible manner. In case you don't know HOFWs is on Twitter and Facebook.  Follow/Like us! 

Check out if SMW is in your town:

Happy Valentine's Day!  Don't forget to pick up a bottle of bubbly for your loved one!!

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