Monday, September 24, 2012

Cheese Tasting a la Julia

by: Julia Iaconelli

This weekend while my coworkers were working hard in Cyberport, I had a lovely time tasting wine and cheese!

The event took place at the Hullett House in TST, such a beautiful building! And the inside is as gorgeous as the outside. I heard about this event through, a French website with all the French events. The Cheese came from “Les Freres Marchand,” the Marchand Brothers.  I had the pleasure to meet Philippe Marchand, a master in French cheese. I was thrilled to speak about French cheese with him, and also learned that he has a passion for Japan!

The cheese market took place in a little room and as soon as you entered the cheese attacked your nose.  It felt like home, and as we say, the smellier it is the better it is ( just for cheese).  There was a very wide range, starting from the famous Comte or Salers, to more atypical such as Maroilles.  You really need to be a connoisseur for this one because it is SUPER strong…prepare your chewing gum for the aftermath!

There was also a little counter with Italian Cheeses including, of course, parmesiano reggiano, creamy Gorgonzola, Mozzarella di Buffala, Scarmoza and more… I came especially for the French cheese because they were NON-PASTEURIZED!

The prices were good also.  It was between 35 and 45 HKD for 100 grams.
I bought a Perail, my favorite of all, from sheep’s milk and also half a Trappe, one of the 3 cheeses that Brittany produces.  It is slightly smoked in walnut leaves, yum!

To finish properly I had a glass of Lacrima Christy, Terredora del Vesuvio 2008. 100% Piedirosso, an Italian red wine from Naples. Lacrima Christy literally means the tear of Christ.  It was originally produced on the Vesuve volcano slopes and can be white, red, and rose according to its DOC designation. It went perfectly with the 10 different varieties of cheeses I had tasted.


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