Monday, August 6, 2012


Greetings from America!  

We may not currently be in the lead for medals (China 61, USA 60), but I'm willing to say we're in the lead for awesome liquor stores.  I walked into the local ShopRite liquors for some wine, and spent the better half of the morning (don't judge) perusing the vast selection.  Not only is there an amazing array of American craft beers, but also a HUGE portion of the store dedicated to California alone.  And bottles of all size!  America does it big.  1.5 liters all the way.  And the prices!  You can get a magnum for less than $10.  It's nuts.    And then the liquor!  Does anyone remember the craze of 2008 when Fire Fly Sweet Tea Vodka gained popularity!?  Now there are no less than 5 imitations on the shelf. 

When I finally made my way to the French isle, which totally paled in comparison to the California section, I was amused to find one of our white wines present; Augey 2010.  It also made me realize that perhaps the rest of the world isn't so French crazy.  Will Hong Kong start looking away from Bordeaux and Burgundy, and get excited about Napa and Sonoma?  Or is this plethora of styles, varietals, and choices just an American source of pride?  Made in the U.S.A.  Go big or go home!

I decided to go with a Napa Chenin Blanc Viognier blend.  This is definitely not something you would typically find at Watsons and I am quite excited to see how it fares.  Full review pending.

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