Thursday, August 2, 2012

Eddie McDougall's Top 12

August 2012
Summer Rosé Wine Feature

Last night I was lucky enough to partake in the Flying Winemaker's monthly top 12 tasting.   Seeing as it's summer and the average daily temperature is on par with hell, it seemed only fitting that August's tasting would be crisp refreshing roses.  

Before I get onto the tasting, here's an interesting statistic. Roses account for 13% of off-trade in Britain.  Who knew that many people were into roses?  To me when I hear rose, my mind goes:

Sunset Blush----> Franzia---> Box Wine----> College----->Not suitable for drinking outside of college!

But luckily the growing popularity of California roses and rose Champagnes has really increased the quality and availability of these pink tipples. 
Crowds await the pink Champagne

Onto the tasting.  

As I entered the Flying Winemaker I  was immediately greeted by Michelle from Altaya Wines. She insisted we try her Innocent Bystander Moscato first, and I'm glad she did.  This has just been a week full of Moscato, right?  Sweet, pink, and low alcohol, it was a lovely way to begin the tasting.

Cali and S. Africa
Then I shuffled upstairs to begin the tasting in the proper fashion.  Well, I guess the 30 other people got the same instructions, and we all stood arm to arm waiting for the next sip.  The wines were all very lovely and covered quite a range; crisp steely roses from Loire Valley and Languedoc-Roussillon, sparklers from Italy and France, and more berry/fruity wines from Australia.

This was also the first time trying the Flying Winemaker's own label.  Eddie poured us his 'Little Pig' 2010 100% Merlot.  This was definitely in my top 2 of the night!  Nice body, moderate acidity, this was a standalone rose.  No food needed.  

But alas, the crowds won out, and my compatriot and I couldn't take it any longer.  So we moved onward and outward to more open pastures.  It was a great event with a great range of wines, and a great precursor to quite drinks at Coast.  Can't wait to see what's up for September!

Lebanese 'sexy' Sunset Rose

***Tomorrow I depart Hong Kong for 10 days for all things America!  I will check in throughout the week about wine trends in the good ole USA, and I may even have some time to pop into some wineries in Pennsylvania or Virginia!  Goy gin!

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