Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy Anniversary, Concord!

Sunday afternoon HOFWs attended Concord Wine's 15th Anniversary tasting.  There were over 100 wines to be tasted, and close to 100 eager tasters tasting away.  I went from Australia to France to Italy to Germany to New Zealand and even Argentina in just a few short hours!

Here are a few of my favorites from the afternoon:


Domaine Moltes Gewurztraminer Grand Cru 2010- This was a lovely start to the afternoon!  Sweet, but refined, this was both refreshing and elegant.  Alsatian wines are quickly becoming some of my favorites.  The dry are wonderful in this heat, and the sweets are perfect for after dinner.  Or mid afternoon.  Breakfast?

Philippe Gonet Belemnita 2004- I was drawn to this for obvious reasons; the biggest price tag of the afternoon at $1,388.  This vintage Champagne was quite nice with some nutty flavors, but worth the price tag?  I'm not so sure, although I'm the first to admit I know nothing about Champagne.  If it has small bubbles and tastes yeasty, it's good to me!  So thumbs up!

Hi, Jon!


De Bortoli Noble One 2008-  This is bathtub wine.  And I mean this because I want to swim in it!  Sweet, sweet, sweet, with delicious flavors of honey, citrus, and heaven.  I could drink this all day....

...until I move on to his older, darker cousin.

De Bortoli Black Noble-  This 10 year barrel aged botrytised Semillon is the epitome of apres dinner drinks with its intense coffee flavors.  Drool.


Dr. Hermann Erdener Treppchen Herzlay Riesling Spatlese 2011- Another sweet wine.  I'm beginning to see a shift in taste preferences here....This low alcohol (7%) exhibits honey flavors with a crisp acidity, and again could be enjoyed at any hour of the day.


And the big winner of the evening....

Rocche Costamagna Langhe Arneis 2010- This varietal is relatively new to me.  I first tried it a few weeks ago and enjoyed it, so I sought it out here.  Flavors of pear and apple along with some body make me think this would be excellent with some alfredo.

Marchesi Alfieri Alfiera Barbera d'Asti Sup 2007-  This was recommended by the representative, and I'm glad it was.  Big tannins, big red fruit flavor, yet suprising finesse.  I could totally picture myself at Sunday dinner with Nonna slurping noodles...

Rocce Costamanga Barolo Bricco Francesco 2007-  Truly a wonderful example of a Barolo.  This had firm tannins, nice plum and cherry fruit and even some floral notes, and a long soft finish.  Divine!

Grazie, Concord! Non vedo l'ora per la prossima volta!

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