Tuesday, June 19, 2012

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I posted a tweet on twitter (duh?) this morning asking which Spanish wine company was biggest in Hong Kong.  Then followed up with, 'What's your favorite Spanish wine?'  And although I didn't get an answer to the orginal question, I got pointed to a region I hadn't hear of.  Turns out it's a Catalonian region which produces lovely wines, but here's what's new.

Located in southern Spain, this region is known for it's Garnacha! 

The old vineyards of Priorat tend to have low yielding crops, but produce big, rich, strong reds!

Only 30 minutes from Barcelona.
                    Spend the day at the beach and the evening at the vineyard?  Let's go!

The secret to success?
                    Granite like soil!

First to answer correctly wins a bottle of wine*

Name 3 varietals commonly grown in the Loire Valley.


*HK residents only.  Bottle of wine is up to my discretion :)

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