Monday, June 18, 2012

Drops of God

Have you guys heard about the comic book from Japan, Drops of God??  Apparently it's all the rage, and even more importantly, is significantly effecting wine sales across Asia. 

This may be the single most influencing factor among the kiddos and their wine knowledge.  The biggest impact seems to be felt in South Korea, where I can personally vouch for the power of the comic.  You ask any kid what he likes to read and there's only one answer.   

For those of you unfamiliar with the series, here's a brief of the plot:

'The story itself is universal: A hero’s journey about a rebellious son forced to trace his father’s footsteps.

The hero is the estranged son of a famous wine critic who has complicated his life by adopting a talented sommelier as a second son. The father dies and leaves a will that includes descriptions of 12 wines he considers to be the equivalent to Jesus Christ’s Disciples.

The first son to find the "disciples" and the 13th wine, which the father calls the "Drops of God," will inherit the father’s extraordinary wine collection. '

According to Edition Glenat, wine sales in Japan jumped 130 percent the first year The Drops of God appeared, and in Korea, the main wine store increased its sales 150 percent.  Coincidence???

What do you think?  Should we be teaching our youth (let's not lie, and adults) about booze in a romantic/heroic manner, or does this help to build respect and knowledge of wine??

I'll let you know my thoughts after I read some of it.  I must say I'm intrigued.....

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