Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Holy Noodles!

HOFWs was back at the table again today.  Same time, new venue.  We met our friends for a lovely lunch at Maureen's in Wan Chai.  Maureen's is a relatively new fusion noodle bar offering up, you guessed it!, noodles, as well as a six course Chinese tapas tasting menu.

Maureen (middle) managing the lunch rush

It being lunch and our first time for a proper meal there, we went with Maureen does best; noodles!  They were wonderful!  Unlike any noodles I have had in Hong Kong.  All the noodles come cooked in a rich broth, covered in radish shavings, greens, and a mushroom.  Then you must pick your topping; abalone, chicken, thousand year egg and ham, or pork.  We tried all three except the pork, and we were all very very satisfied.

Julia <3s the Noodles!

If you're in during lunch pop in for noodles, or nearby stop in for their happy hour which is coming soon.  I suggest the Montepulciano!

My abalone and noodles

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