Monday, June 4, 2012

Factory 99

This is the second installment of 'Around the Hood.'  Today we will focus on a new (to me) restaurant in the heart of Kwun Tong; Factory 99.  Started a mere two years ago by John, this place has absolutely proven itself as a local favorite.  And for good reason!  Everything on the menu is less than $70, tasty, and served quick on family style tables.  Get to know your neighbors! [Please Note:  Free Beer.  Tomorrow Only]

As you approach a nondescript enterance, you may start questioning where exactly you are headed.  But rest assured, the clever signs on the corridor up the stairs will instantly have you relaxed and aware that this is a place for some fun.  [Please note: Hippies Use the Side Door] Walk in and you'll see all of Kwun Tong chatting and munching away on one of the many long wooden tables.  Open exposed beams serve as the backdrop for some beautiful crystal chandeliers, and waiters bustle in and out between the chaos.

The food.  One word, VALUE.  It's sort of a fusion Chinese and Western style with traditional Western dishes served with mayo....or sauce.  And all sets come with a soup and coffee and are 10% off after 1:45 pm.  

I had the fish which came with either rice, noodles or fries (I went rice) and was covered in a white sauce.   Not sure exactly what it was, but it was tasty, filling but not overly so, and seemed relatively healthy.  I also shared the battered shrimp salad with Kwun Tong businessman, Patrick.    Western in orgin, but the salad dressing was definitely Asian fusion of some sort.  Again, mayo.  

I must say I was very impressed with the coffee, the service, and the owner John who just put his heart and his energy into this place.  He's in there every lunch checking on the quality to ensure it's up to his high standards.

Well, done, we'll be back for some wine next time!

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