Thursday, April 19, 2012

Douro with the Boys!

Yesterday found HOFWs at the Douro Boy's Portuguese wine tasting in the Four Seasons.  Pretty baller right?  As you may know, Macau is a former Portuguese colony and due to this fact you can find Portuguese delicacies and wines throughout the island.  Hong Kong not so much.

View from the Four Seasons

Portugal is best known for its Porto, but in recent years the world has been catching on to their wines.  And for good reason!  We tried some really exceptional wines yesterday(most wines there were RP 90+) afternoon which really makes me question, why we don't see more of these wines!?

Here are some highlights of potable palated:

#1 favorite of the day was absolutely, hands down, Global Wine Cellars' Curriculum Vitae DOC 2009.  This RP 90+ point wine was big on the booze (15.5%!) yet remained balanced.  As with most of the wines tasted, it was big and fruity but not heavy.  I could drink this all day everyday, but at $300+ I think it's more of a special occasion wine.....
Greg with the owner of Francisco Olazabal

Also enjoyed was Quinta do Vallado Reserva Field Blend DOC 2009.  This was especially heavy on the fruit and had a slight sweetness to it which I quite liked. 

Of the whites my favorite was Crast DOC 2011.  It was citrusy, a little sweet, and really vibrant.  The other white I tried was just a little too rich and heavy, and this one, although sweet, was still light. Nom yum nom!

Spain and Portuguese wine regions

A totally fun afternoon of friends (Hi Dean, Jon, Ali, Voilet!) and awesome wines.  Oh wait, I forgot my favorite beverage!  You know I'm a sucker for sweet, and Port is no exception!  Although some guests disagree, I really enjoyed every one of the eight ports I tried.  Didn't start on them til the end of the afternoon, so a favorite isn't really jumping to mind.  You know how it goes. 

<3 Port
Post tasting all the boys went to their fancy dinner at the Ritz in the ICC while the rest of us were left to fend for ourselves :)  I went over to AME Gallery to see my friend Anna launch her newest jewelry line; Art in Motion.  All of Yael Sonia's peices were gorgeous (please check out the website!) and I wish I could have one of each!  It was a totally wonderful end to a lovely afternoon!  Thanks, Anna!
AME Gallery in Central
My favorites; the gemstone rings!

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