Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wine of the Day

You may have noticed, but we've had a lot of samples come in from Australia.  We're thinking of expanding our portfolio, so taste we must! It's a tough burden to shoulder, but someone's got to do it while Greg's away. For today's Aussie fix I give you the following:

Semillion Chardonnay
12% alc.
McLaren Vale

Colour: Pale yellow
Aroma: This is going to sound stupid, but seriously, grape.  Hints of apple and melon.
Palate: Medium bodied, demi-sweet, with nice acidity.  Flavors of tropical fruit, slight citrus.

I'm not going to lie, this wine totally surprised me.  Perhaps because the other Aussie wines we've been getting in have been disappointing, but this was really nice.  It has good body, nice rich flavor, I presume from the Chardonnay, and a good finish.  I don't think I have tried this blend before and I'm impressed.  A possible contender for our wine list?? Perhaps.

*~!* News In! *#*!

I don't have 100% details, but from what I gather (well, what Greg straight up told me) we have scored some 2005 Saint Emilion's!!!  I know you guys were getting worried, so please, take a breath, do a stretch, exhaaaaaaale.  He promised more details today so I could update you all, but just rest assured that it's looking good. 

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