Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cru Magazine's 1st Anniversary Party

Being early means no lines!
Yesterday Sean and myself head down to the North Carolina Grill in LKF for Cru Magazine's first anniversary wine tasting.  From 3-6 was industry only which is always fun!  I find I learn a lot at these events, make some good connections, and usually walk out well fed and boozed.  It's fun working in wine!

Cheers!  To many many more, Cru!
The event was a blast.  There were a bunch of wine distributors there, well, distributing wines.  I was surprised by the amount of vendors with Reislings.  When I was back in the states over Christmas, the wine guy for my local paper said 2012 was all about the Reislings.  I've alway enjoyed a dry one, but it's not that common to see over here, and when you do bottles are generally at the $400 mark.  I was also surprised by the variety of wines.  There were Portuguese, Spanish, South African, Chilean, Argentinian, French, German, New Zealand, Australian, Italian and I'm sure a bunch more I'm forgetting!  All in all a wonderful evening of industry bonding, wine sipping, and general merriment.  Salud!

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  1. Just remembered that I had a WONDERFUL Chateauneuf du Pape. And I didn't think I like French wines that much. My new favorite! This could get expensive....