Sunday, March 25, 2012

As Predicted....

....the Sevens had copious amounts of beer, but no wine to be seen.  I did see a cocktail counter, but didn't even see what they had as, hey it's rugby!  Beer.  Beer.  Beer!  There were two options present, although I did not see a single Guinness being drunken.  Everyone, and I mean everyone, had a pitcher of Carlsberg.  From what I gather Carlsberg and HSBC were the largest supporters of the Sevens. 

So let me share a little Sevens fail.  As I mentioned earlier, I won my tickets from Time Out magazine.  While picking up said tickets, I was invited to join their party in the Champagne tent on Friday night.  $50 for an hour of unlimited cocktails. It's a no brainer right!?  All you had to do was scan a QR code off facebook and present it upon entry to the Champagne tent, which is right outside the stadium.  My guest and I arrive, present the code, head in only to find out that $50 (I know not a lot, but come on!) buys you one individual sized, prepackaged, cocktail garbage.  Have you guess seen these things?  VnC pre-made pomegranate whatever nasty cocktail in a bottle for your convenience.  Ew.  If you've tasted this you'll know what I mean.  Tastes of cold medicine in the worst way possible.  My guest and I promptly returned the drink, turned around and went into the game for some real drinks.  Carlsberg! 

To add insult to injury, I was up in Discovery Bay on Sunday and went into Fusion grocery store.  Just take a wild guess at what they were sampling!?  The VERYsame VnC pomegranete grossness!?  I just had to laugh when they guy offered me a sample.  Twice in one weekend is waaaaaay over my threshold, sir.  

What are your thoughts on pre-mixed cocktails?  Delicious?  or disasterous?

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