Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WWT- Randstad

Last night HOFWs made our way down to Central to Randstad's new office.  What a great space!!  We had free reign over their conference room, had no less than 20 guests sipping wines, munching on gourmet snacks, and learning something new or inspiring from JC.  The line of for the evening was, do do dooo, as follows:

Val D'Oca Prosecco
Clearly Organic Sauvignon Blanc
Natale Verga Montepulciano
Chateau Fluer Haut Gassens Bordeaux Superior
Dominio de Ugarte Tempranillo
Baron de Boutisse 2005 Saint Emilion Grand Cru

I think the overall opinion was that the Montepulciano was an amazing value wine!  People were surprised by the drinkability of a wine that was less than $80. The Saint Emilions are always crowd pleasers, but I did notice a lot of people going for the Tempranillo, too.  

My favorite sample
We also had some surprises along the way.  Greg brought some samples we just received from France.  My favorite was a 2010 Chateau Haut- Monturman Sauvignon/Semillion blend from Bordeaux.  These wines are proving to be my choice for this summer.  Smooth, creamy and vibrant!  There was another red (I didn't get a picture of the bottle, hence don't remember the name!) from Bordeaux that I also enjoyed.  Fruit forward, jammy and  low levels of tannin, I felt like I should be drinking it in the middle of a field on a sunny day with strawberry shortcake.  But that's just me....

Post tasting everyone stayed and enjoyed copious amounts of different wines.  I'm guessing we easily polished off 20 bottles throughout the evening.  That's why we call it WINE Wednesday, no??  I think everyone had a really great time, and I'm guessing more than just a couple of us were a little worse for the wear yesterday.  Notice it's take 2 days to write this?

What'd you do to celebrate WW?

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