Monday, February 27, 2012

And the Winner Is....

China Wine Awards turned out to be a really fun afternoon of good wines and networking!  Greg and Sean went early in the day for industry only whilst the blind tastings were going on, and I went later on after most of the awards had been given out.  There were probably over 200 bottles of value wine covered in paper bags lined up along the walls for judges to come along and rate them.  Well the results are in.  The biggest surprise to me was that a Greek wine won a double gold!  I've never had a Greek wine before, have you!?

Some of the many wines up for the Best Value Award
Some of the highlights from the afternoon were trying Russian wines (surprisingly nice) and some Californian wines.  I must say I am a little partial to the Cali wines; my favorite of the day being a jammy Zinfandel. What are your most unexpected favorites?  What's the strangest wine you've ever tried?

Jackie and Steve packing up after a busy day!
We also had a chance to catch up with our friends Jackie and Steve from Portrait Winery.  They have the best brandies in Hong Kong!  If you have a chance stop into their SoHo tasting room for a flight of their latest wines and spirits.

Leave a comment about your weekend in wines! 

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