Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

How was your weekend??  Since we didn't have any events this weekend, we had an opportunity to go out and explore some of the wine and beer options in town.  I spent Sunday at California Vintage for their 'Sunday at the Bar' series.  This is the second time I've attended (in two weeks!) and both were excellent.  It started with a nice, fruity Sauvignon Blanc.  This is quickly becoming my new favorite white wine.  I had always been partial to Pinot Grigio for the crispness, but I'm totally diging the fruity summery taste of Sauv Blanc.  We have a really nice one here from Bordeaux that I love!  It's balanced with Semillion which brings a creaminess to the acid from the Sauv grape.  Yum Yum.  Back to Cali.  The flight continued with a Chentella Viogner which I also really loved for totally different reasons.  This had more earthiness and would be a lovely accompaniment to a fishy dinner.  Then we switched to the reds; R&B Rockstar, Three Mataro, and Peachy Canyon's Zinfendel.  There's just something about Cali wines that is so tasty.  I ended up taking the Rockstar and Zin home.  Now to find the perfect pairing.  What do you think?  The afternoon was finished with an amazing Aero-Port which was a white porto.  Who knew that even existed?  Not me until yesterday, and I'm telling you it was good enough to bathe in!

If you like Stout, drink this!
Since I don't get down to Soho as often as I'd like, I try to make the most of every trip.  And to me, no visit is complete without a stopover in the Globe.  <3 The Globe!  As always I ask Toby his thoughts on my random selections from the vast menu, and this, like every other time, he lead me to perfectiong; Hitacho Nest Espresso Stout.  This Japanese beer no joke poured out of the bottle like a midnight syrup.  The first sign of deliciousness.  Despite the booziness, it tasted smooth, rich, and full.  This is my kind of beer.  I recommend you go in and try it while this cold spat lasts!

I finished the evening with a glass of South African red.  I don't recall what it was as I don't usually like South African wines.  Toby assured me it was good and poured me a taste, and I was shocked that it was really smooth and elegant.  Not your typical SA wine.  

That was my Sunday in wine and beer.  Tell me about your weekend!

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