Monday, February 20, 2012

We Love Dim Sum!

Greg and Mr. Lam

Lobster Soup
But really, who doesn't?  Yesterday we had our client, Mr. Lam, in to look over our wine selection.  After showcasing a bunch of wines to Mr. Lam, we had all built up quite an appetite.  We headed downstairs to Dim Delicious.  One of the beautiful things of working in a warehouse is the breadth of other things going on around you.  On the fourth floor there's a billiards hall.  Next door Adidas.  Down the hall gifts and collectibles.  Downstairs a kennel of sorts...I think.  Man we've got it all. 

Mr. Lam graciously treated us to some of his favorite dim sum choices, some of which were new to us!  We had the usual delicious suspects; char sui bao (pork bun), cheung fan (rice rolls) with pork and one with shrimp tempura, Malay sponge cake, and then we had the not so normal.  Not for me at least.  My favorite was a lobster dumpling in lobster bisque.  I ate mine and Greg's.  Mr. Lam informed me it was called lam ha tong, although upon a Google search I find I must have butchered the spelling because it's not showing up. Anyone know what I'm talking about!??  We also had this fried dough covered in honey which I tried once before.  Ok, but no one's favorite.
Sean and me

Don't you love an unexpected lunch on a Monday afternoon? What are your favorite dim sum deliciousities?

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