Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Coffee Buzz

Yesterday morning found HOFWs down the street for a training seminar on all things coffee! Whilst exhibiting at the Island East Market, we came across Reeves, a coffee specialist for CENG.  After some chatting we were signed up for a crash course on all things surrounding the bean.

Throughout the entire morning we were all wowed by who similar wine and coffee are.  The whole experience of enjoying a cup of coffee is totally on par with the whole experience that surrounds a glass of wine. 

First we learned about differences in regions and the flavor profiles and textures they produce:

Ethiopian---> full of fruit, high acid, thin body
Colombian---> full body, nutty, caramel
Brazil-ian---> balanced flavor, full body, high acidity, some sweetness in the best
Indian---> spicy, medium body, some saltiness in high quality

Producing coffee is also similar to producing wines.  You have to make decisions about style, body, textures, flavors, etc,. albeit it's probably a lot less regulated than wine!  Darker roast doesn't necessarily mean better coffee (as I thought!), just as a fuller bodied wine doesn't necessarily make it great (hello Yellow Tail).

Then we learned a little about the terroir's effect on wine.  Apparently, similarly to wine, higher altitude with long sun exposure is great for producing high quality beans.  After bean are harvested they can be dried in several ways; mechanically or naturally in the sun to retain ~12% moisture.  They are then ready to be shipped out.

On to the brewing.  We used a method I have never seen and certainly never tried before.  The siphon is actually quite simple.  Boil water until it creates a vaccum and sucks up to the top flask, then add coffee, stir, let brew one minute (don't want to over extract here!), then turn the heat off so the coffee filters back to the bottle flask.  3 cups of coffee in a matter of minutes!


What's your favorite brew??





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