Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Round Up

Friday and Saturday evening HOFWs sponsored the wines for Ernest So's beautiful piano concert, Golden Age of Piano, at Anastassia's Art House .  What a wonderful piano player he is!  He just makes it look so easy and so incredibly difficult at the same time.  Well done!

It was also a great opportunity for us to check out the new art gallery.  Anastassia's used to be located in Happy Valley, but they have recently set up shop in Stanley Plaza.  The new gallery is large, open, and stunning.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous all weekend, so I hope you got out into the sun and enjoyed something refreshing.  Post beach on Sunday I had a wonderful wine that Celine from Monsieur Chatte recommended to me:

I believe this was biodynamic, but can't be sure.  No headache today though :)   Smooth.  Velvety smooth.  Vero hot chocolate smooth.  LOVED this wine and I am so excited to go home tonight to polish off the second half.  Thanks, Celine for the suggestion!

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