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This was the theme of last week's Hong Kong's Italian Food & Wine Lover's tasting at La Perouse.  I had never heard of La Perouse before this tasting, and I'm wondering now why not.  Centrally located on Wyndham street, there is an amazing outdoor space complete with twinkle lights, that make you forget your in the heart of all the hustle and bustle that is Hong Kong. 

Marco B,  leader of HK IF&WL, led us through a tasting of 3 Tuscan Vermentinos.  The setting was very casual with guests free to chat and move around, and Marco made himself available for questions and comments.
Wine 1
Moris Farm Maremma Toscana IGT 2010
This was pretty light, pretty high in alc (13%), and had some nice white fruit flavors.

Did you know?

Italy has 354 indigenous grapes.  France only has 52.

Gualdo del Re DOC Val di Cornia 2010
This was my least favorite of the three.   It had an oxidised characteristic that probably would have been good with the right food, but on its own I found it a bit overwhelming.

Suveraia DOC Monteregio di Massa Marittima 2011
My favorite of the night!  High acid, nice texture and body, with a lot of minerality; wet stone if you will, with some melon flavors.   It had an almost kerosine-like aftertaste which I enjoyed- and had a greenness, but not bitterness, that I found interesting.

What was really amazing is how different these three wines were despite that they were all 100% Vermentino and all from Tuscany.  The first two were even the same vintage!

It was a totally informative and interesting evening with a lot of great people.  I can't wait until I can attend the next one!

**Marco hosts tastings every Wednesday at La Perouse, and wine dinners every Friday at various locations.   

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