Monday, February 4, 2013

Market Dogs

As I mentioned in the previous post, we were up to our ears in markets this weekend, and lucky for us, the weather held!

Our largest event of the weekend was the annual Pet Expo at the Wan Chai Convention Centre.  Animal lovers from all over Hong Kong and China came to show off their pets.   There were dogs of all breeds, giant to pint sized cats, and even a few parrots thrown in for good measure.

Big dogs.  Small dogs.
We saw some things we expected:

Dyed dogs
Dogs in prams
Baby Bjorn dogs.

Some things we didn't expect:
30 pound cat in a stroller
Giant 30lb cat imported from USA
Dogs in BabyBjorns (hanging off the front of the owner)

Dog beer?
And at the end of the day met some lovely pet owners who appreciated both Bowser and Burgundies!

Sunday Sean was over in DB and I held it down in Island East.  What a wonderful market IEM is!  The vendors, the shoppers, the food.  The food!  We love the IEM market.

Organic Veg
Strategically positioned right next to the HOFWs, was Jomb.  Jomb is my new favorite obsession.  Brownies.  Blondies.  Lemon poppyseed loaves. Glazed Cakes.  Cinnamon cakes. Banana cakes.  Cheesecakes.  Chocolate chip cookie cheesecakes.  Brownie cheescakes.  Lemon bars.  Cupcakes.  Muffins.  These ladies do it all!

Jo, Maggie, and Bee spent their morning baking, and their afternoons selling their amazing treats.  I'm not exaggerating when I say that the chocolate chip cheesecake is the best dessert (lunch) I have ever eaten.  Young Lionel agrees.
The best things about these markets (aside from profit!) is getting to meet local vendors and support the HK entrepreneur scene.  To our other side was MSJ Cards.  She makes wonderful homemade cards out of beautiful fabrics! And her table partner Neha, designs gorgeous artisinal chocolates.

One more week before Chinese New Year!  Get your wine orders in now!  FREE next day delivery!

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