Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mulled Wine and Turkey

Am I the only one who's had more mulled wine and turkey this year than any of the other (colder) places I have ever lived!? 

One of the many plates of turkey serves this year

It's not even Christmas yet and I've lost count of the mugs of spicy deliciousness I've put back [not in one sitting; all at different events/venues I assure you].  I also can't go a week without having a bite of moist juicy turkey offered up (and happily gobbled down) at a party, which is odd as it is quite difficult to find the other 95% of the year.

Which leads me to believe that in Hong Kong we don't mess around with holidays.  Here, holidays are on crack.  Perhaps it's the mixing of cultures and backgrounds or the general lack of interest in the meaning behind the holidays (Jesus who?), but man does HK know how to party. 

Am I just stating the obvious here? Hong Kongers never seem to half-*ss anything.  We don't go out; we have an all night rampage.  We don't go to dinners; we have extravagant four hour feasts.  You don't run a 5k; we trail hike the dark...over night. 
Mulled wine in a middle school
And why should it be that just because Thanksgiving is an American holiday we don't celebrate it better, longer, and harder here?  Mulled wine isn't limited to the Europeans.  Let's offer it up at every restaurant, wine tasting, bar, school (not joking, I've had several glasses at elementary school events), and grocery store we can! 

So there you have it.  Get your orders in now kids.  Wine and turkey for all!

Happy Holidays!

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