Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Presents!

It's around this time of November that most of us start thinking of what to buy our friends and family for Christmas.  Unless, of course, you're my mom who has already finished 90% of her shopping by August.  Here are a few ideas from the House of Fine Wines.

For the truffle lover

Whole Truffle 12.5 grams
White truffle oil 200 mL
Valnerina truffle sauce 180 grams

The Connoisseur Package

 Truffle Coffee (this is brand new!  First time ever made!!)
500 grams of Valnerina Truffle Sauce

For the Wine and Food Lover

Red Reindeer

Superiore by Paul Laredy goose entier foie gras
Terrine d'Oie (goose and chestnut terrine)
Chateau Boutisse 2005 Saint Emilion Grand Cru (France)
Martyn Cendoya 2007 Reserva (Spain)
Barolo Verga 2007 (Italy)

Sparkles Are a Girl's Best Friend

Val D'Oca Uvagio Storico Premium Prosecco
RC Lemaire Select Champagne
RC Lemaire Saignee Rose Champagne

And if you're friend doesn't like any of the above, it's time to dump that friend.  For real. 

If you like any of these products, please email, Facebook, or call me and I will get them sent to you ASAP.  We'll also be at the Conrad Christmas Showcase. with said products.  Details are as follows:

Where?  Conrad Hotel, Admiralty
When? Tuesday, November 26th
                          10 am through 8 pm
How much?  FREE
Why?  Because we're there pouring wine all day!!

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