Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wine and Dine 2012 is HERE!

I need everyone out there to cross your fingers, hold your breath, say a little prayer to you dear old grannie, for NO RAIN this weekend!  We're looking for blue skies and sun for the next four days.

Ok, now breathe.

With over 300 hundred food and wine vendors from around this world, this is a foodie event not to miss.  Come by booth C207 for foie gras, truffles, and a selection of European wines!

Location: West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade
Time: Thursday- 8:30- midnight
           Friday and Saturday-  2pm- midnight
           Sunday- 2pm - 11:30pm

Also on tomorrow...

American Women's Association Charity Bazaar

Join Sean and I for a day of shopping.  And then join us in the evening at W&D for an evening of sipping!

Opening Feast for the Festival of Restaurants Recap

As I mentioned in the last post, we were lucky enough to sponsor the opening feast with our Clearly Organic range of wines for the 2012 FoR.  The event boasted tasty treats from the likes of Masu, The Regal, Grassroots Pantry, FINDS, Table for Two, Chez Patrick, and Bo Innovation.

We are so proud of our Clearly Organic wines, and after the showing last night, we know you like them too!  Produced without the use of chemicals or pesticides, these wine are good for the land they come from, the farmers who produce them, and all of us who drink them.   We are totally pumped about the amazing reception, and if you're looking for more, check out Book Worm Cafe on Lamma Island or Life Safe in Soho. 

VIP prefers the Barrica 2008- 50/50 Syrah Cabernet blend

The Flying Winemaker was also present with a selection of his reds.  His 2008 Sangiovese from the Alpine Valley, Victoria, was hands down my favorite.  According to Eddie, this was a labor of love.  Well the proof isn't in the pudding; its in the drinking!

I tried to snap a lot of photos, but jamming my face with any assortment of hedonistic goodies usually took priority.  Here are some of the photos I managed to sneak in between bites.

The above totally spoke to me!  Derrick, a partner in the Prive Group, told me with great enthusiasm all about this dish and its preparation.  If only I had a notebook.  What I do recall is that the broth simmered away for two hours, smeared amazing in season Japanese vegetables (including white pumpkin!), and a wonderfully tender yet in tact cod.  The cod (I may be wrong on the fish, but it's the pink one in the bowl below) only lives in the deep deep waters off the coast of Japan and must be line caught!  This is a restaurant to definitely watch.  Superb.
Here's Derrick with the ingredients to the above dish

Below is a chef putting the final touches on a raw scallop for Chez Patrick.  The highlight of the dish for me was the final pop you got from the wasabi 'caviar.'  Chef Patrick Goubier explained that it was wasabi and a gelatin like substance that formed this totally fish-eggy texture.  Cool.

This is a dish that the chef must have designed specifically for me because it boasted all of my favorite ingredients; pumpkin, goat cheese, beets, and a rosemary cracker.  This vegetarian dish from vegetarian restaurant Grassroots Pantry is just further validation that I need to get in for dinner ASAP.  Spot on.

Pumpkin puree, beet reduction, goat cheese
The chefs compare notes over pumpkins.  Happy Halloween!

Cheers to a wonderful night and to a successful month of Festival of Restaurants! 

 Check HERE for a full list of participants.  

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