Thursday, October 18, 2012

Happy Birthday To You, Foodie!

Last night we celebrated Foodie magazine's 3rd anniversary at Fly in Central.  What a milestone and what a party! 

For those of you not familiar, Foodie is a free monthly magazine that covers all things wine and dine in Hong Kong.  Restaurant reviews, food trends, event coverage along with a plethora of their own events,wine pairings, recipes, chef interviews, local hot spots...if it's food, it's covered here.

We're looking forward to seeing more events, more recipes, and more wine in future articles!  What's your favorite section?  I'm partial to the celebrity chef 'What I Ate Today.'  

Foodie Foodie Everywhere!

And it appear that all goes well back at Foodie headquarters because this party was fantastic!  As you first arrive you are greeted by a photographer and then ushered over to a blue screen.  Here you can take 4 silly (or serious) photos with props ranging from a rolling pin to cat ears.  Immediately your photo keepsake is printed.  Nice!

Walk inside and 'Foodie' is painted in lights along the back of the whole club.  You want to quickly grab a drink because as you may expect, there's plenty of food, and plenty of Foodie friends trying to get at it!  The selection ranged from raw vegan to Norwegain canapes from FINDS to pickled Italian skewers.

Once you make your way through the finger foods section, you can either a) help yourself to a delicious mini-cupcake (reminded me of being 5 with that sweet sweet sweet powdered sugar icing!) b) help yourself to the chocolate fountain complete with strawberries, chips, marshmellows...c) help yourself to some freshly popped popcorn d) help yourself to a chocolate covered rice krispie treats on a stick or e) fill up a to-go back of wrapped candies!

Trust me when I say no one went hungry here!

It was so nice to see all the Foodies together celebrating the success of a truly fun and entertaining magazine.  Corey got the party going, Alicia tugged on everyone's heartstrings, and Simon gave us a glimpse into what we can expect from Foodie in the upcoming years. 

As if all of this wasn't enough, there was a goodie bag to take home filled with a gamet of curiousities! Past foodie magazine, brochures, chopstick, those little premade shots you see at 711, candies, and a bottle of wine!

Thanks for a fun evening and cheers to 30 more years, Foodie!

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  1. This looks like it was a really great party. Love your blog!