Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mexican Piano

Say what?

HOFWs is the proud wine sponsor for Red Square Gallery's Mexican piano concert series.  Let me explain.

Beautiful RS Gallery!
Red Square Gallery in Happy Valley occasionally hosts concerts in its beautiful space.  This September series boasts Ernest So, international piano sensation!  This coming September 16th is Mexican independence day from Spain, and as a celebration to get everyone excited, Ernest put together a wonderful repetoire of Mexican classics.  

Between each song, Ernest told us a little about the composer and the song he was about to play.  One of the composers he playes was Manuel Ponce.  Ponce was an avid piano and guitar player, and you can almost hear the guitar playing as Ernest wowed us on the keys.  And wow, was Ernest AMAZING!!

Here's a little about Manuel from Wikipedia:

'His work as a composer, music educator and scholar of Mexican music connected the concert scene with a usually forgotten tradition of popular song and Mexican folklore. Many of his compositions are strongly influenced by the harmonies and form of traditional songs.'

What does one pair with Mexican piano?  Well Mexican tequila and wine of course.  We were lucky enough to sample a Baja Californian (which is indeed Mexico, and this is only the second time its been brought to HK) Cabernet Sauvignon.  And wow could you tell it was from a New World hot climate!  Big jammy fruit, this made me want to go sit out in a garden, watch the rolling landscape surrounding me, and listen to a Mariachi band!

We also got to try Alacran tequila made from 100% agave, no sugar added, in Mexico.  This tasted more like an apres dinner drink than tequila!  And I mean that in the best way possible; delicious! 

But of course no concert would be complete without a little Prosecco.  We poured our famous Val D'Oca Prosecco Brut and you instantly just felt cultured.  Piano.  Art.  Bubbles.  check.

Please join us tonight and tomorrow for encore performances from Ernest!  

7pm Cocktail receiption and gallery
viewing: take pleasure in amorous
treats: Champagne, wine & cheese
7.30pm Concert

$280 with RSVP, $300 at the door
Limited seating.

Red Square Gallery,
No.11 Yuk Sau Street, Happy Valley
Tel: 2838 0040 

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