Monday, September 3, 2012

Champagne Monday

I guess it was more of a Champagne Friday, but I am just now getting around to writing about it!  I joined Tina Cellar for a couple hours of Champagne and, oddly and awesomely, eggettes.  Tina Cellar is a relatively new comany; only 6 months in age but CEO Christina Keung has over 25 years experience in the wine industry.

Tina Cellar is also has association with Havana Cigars and Bo Innovation. Enter the eggettes.  One of the chefs from Bo Innovations decided to put a twist (don't they always!?) on the classic gai daan jai; Spanish Ham laced throughout the middles!  These were scrumptious and the combination of sweet and salty simply dazzled with the toasty Champagnes. 


After some noshing, it was time to turn my attention to the real stars of the evening, the Champagnes.  Charles, Senior Wine Consultant, walked me through some information about each round of bubbly. 

I began with Jose Dhondt Burt-Cru- Blanc de Blanc, nonvintage.  [FYI Blanc de Blanc means only white grapes were used, ie 100% Chardonnay].   Robert Parker (RP) 92.  This demonstrated finesse and refinement, although I tend to prefer my Chapampagnes with a tad more oomph. 

Next was a rose from the same house- Jose Dhondt Brut Rose Saignee.  RP 94!  This was lovely and really was the best of all the Champagnes with the hammy eggettes.  It is 100% Pinot Noir which gives it more power than the elegant Chardonnay above. 

I sampled several others, but the one that jumps out was the Serveaux Brut Blanc de Noirs.  100% Pinot Menuier--->you don't see these everyday.  Menuier brings the richness and body to Champagne, and it's definitely unique to see one made from 100%.  Had I tasted it blind I don't think I would have guessed Champagne, perhaps less toasty and more vanilla than I'm used to. 

Thanks to Tina Cellar, especially Charles for all his expertise and know how, for a wonderful and tasty tasting!

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