Monday, August 20, 2012

Food Expo as told by Julia

The Booth
Last Thursday through Saturday HOFWs was at the Food Expo in the Wan Chai Convention and Exhibition Center.  We had Daniel with us all 3 days, and Young Lionel and Agnes joined us Saturday for the busiest day.

The Goods

It was such a big event!!! Luckily we were on the 5th floor in the Trade Section away from the crazy crowds on the first floor.  On the third floor there was a gourmet section (we didn't have the chance to visit this one) and a Tea Exhibition. Lauren and I went looking for some green tea powder and along the way we got to taste lots of tea from China, Korea, Japan, and Kenya!
Daniel generating revenue
The 5th floor was trade only and had an entire section ofKorean food, which was such a treat for Lauren!  At the other end was the Japanese section where there were so many things to taste! Vegetable, rice, nuts, fish, seaweed, drinks!  We just loved it, so Lauren and I are planning a trip soon… mainly for the food, of course! I also had the chance to taste Caviar with a French compatriot. I felt really exclusive for a few minutes.  If you get to eat some caviar, the tip that I learned was to eat it with a spoon in mother-of-pearl, ivory, or horn, and never eat it with silver or metal as it deteriorates the taste.

Tank of geoduck
In front of our both was the Mexican zone!  We had very nice tequila cocktails, promoted by a French gentlemen representing Casa de Luna. Guacamole was served every day, as well as raw fish and "Geoduck,” which is a type of very large, edible, saltwater clam. Not really appealing to look at, but it tasted like oysters with the texture of squid.

Candy next door
To summarize, Greg ate Mars bars as the booth next door, Sean did magic by selling unheard of numbers of foie gras, Lauren ate fish and sold wine at the same time, Daniel was the revenue generator, Agnes was a sampling machine and taught me Cantonese, while I spent my time drinking tequila :) Can't wait for next year!

See ya next year!

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