Sunday, July 8, 2012

Say hi, Jordan. Hi, Jordan!

Hey it's Jordan Blair, an intern at House of fine wines for the summer/winter break ( depends on which hemisphere you're in right now) from university in Brisbane. 

I met Greg and Sean a few months back at a fair in Cyberport and I was truly blown away by the difference in their wine and the beverage I used to consume for 10 AUD for 5 litres.  ( Okay, I'm not proud, I swear that our cask wine or "goon" could double up as a petrol substitute) 

So when I told them that I had some sales experience from back home and wanted to learn more about wine, they immediate replied back with a bunch of topics I should know to clue me into the wine world. 

I grabbed a little lined book and set about learning about various regions and grapes. Thinking that I'd manage to grasp the entire industry and summaries it into a small book. 

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not obsessive but I just like to be thorough, which is why when I look up at the region called Bordeaux, one of many regions in France, and attempted a very brief summary.  It filled up my entire little notebook.

It was unbelievable that just one region held several sub regions and classifications. I ( okay, so maybe I do get on the more obsessive side of thorough ) scored pages on the web, books , magazines, really just anything that would allow me to comprehend the development of legal classifications like the AOC from the INAO in France, or the miscredited discovery of Champagne by monk Don Perignon and why names like Pascal Delbeck and Robert Parker are legends in the industry.

Anyway I digress, I'll just give you guys the heads up on my first week and some if the things I did:

- Rearrange countless of pallets and boxes ( NO SMALL FEAT, THESE THINGS ARE HUGE)

- Broke 5 bottles of Clearly Sauvignon Blanc 2010 ( Greg gave me a look that still keeps me up at night!) Turns out that trolleys are weighted at the back, fun fact.

- Lauren got me business cards, so I've officially gone corporate. 

- Followed Sean around seeing how he dealt with customers, The guy is an absolute terminator sent from the future to sell wine! I was exhausted.

- Julia trying to curb my awkward pauses and attempts of the more obscure French words 

- Julia, again ( She knows her stuff) explaining the various vintages and vineyards of the St. Emillion region

Point is learning lots and having good fun with the team, 

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