Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Jordan's Farewell!

Week 4

Hi again in what will be the last post in my 4 week stint at House Of Fine Wines. Please do not riot dear readers of this blog, for I shall return.

However, first thing's first.  We had some new additions, Daniel and Chloe, at the Pet Fair this weekend. A big well done to Daniel, a demon salesman conjured up by Sean, who managed to do an amazing job!

Despite the initial surprising quiet (probably due to the rain!), it got mental towards the end!  I, once again was destined for more than making samples, and tried my luck out in the wine section.  70% of the time I managed to fluently communicate my knowledge of our wines and I found myself:

-       Summarizing the history behind our white wine from Chateau Dubois Challon

-       Explaining the tasting notes and differences of our various levels of Prosecco, Rose and Regular

-       Talking about the grape varieties, vinification processes, and definition for our DOCG Barolo Albenza

-       Telling people why Robert Parker’s 99 points for St Emilion 2005 vintage is really big deal for our 2005 Chateau Boutisse and Chateau Haut-Veyrac

My time at HOFW has been enjoyable and a great learning experience.  They’ve really taken care of me and despite the long hours and hard work its been really great to be able to see how all the mechanism of a successful business fit together, the challenges and the general banter of the team.

So just before I sign off, I’ll share some of moments with you:

-       General abuse from the partners due to my inability to stack boxes/crates effectively despite doing an engineering degree. Greg refuses to be anywhere near any structure I may possibly build.
-       Julia and I causing havoc on sample production despite distractions from her numerous boyfriends and ghost junk parties
-       Being wrapped up in a carpet Sean and I found in a bin
-       Lauren's appreciation of my several pre-packed tuber ware meals despite Greg’s disgust at all things green and leafy.
-       Thinking I could outsell Sean at the pet expo
-       Greg’s Rules and Tips for life

 Anyway thanks for read, I’ll definitely be back, hopefully the guys can keep the business afloat without me.


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