Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bowers & Wilkins & Liquid Assets & Cru & Riedel

Bowers & Wilkins hosted an amazing evening of music, wine, and food in collaboration with Liquid Assets for the wine, Riedel for the glasses, and Cru for the guest list, promotion, and coverage.  All I can say is wow, what a wonderful event.

I was immediately greeted by Alexander of Liquid Assets with a fresh glass of bubbly (Ferrari Trento Spumante Brut NV).  The space was filled with all things stereo.  iPod docs, computer speakers, headphones, and of course, home theaters.

Here's how it worked, while I wasn't chasing around one of the waiters for some amazing food (more on this),  I was guided on a music/wine/room tour.  Each of the three rooms with home theaters boasted a different wine and a different playlist.

Room 1

Stereo: CM Series------you'll have to check the website because I know squat about stereos
Music Matching: Jason Mraz and Kimbra Vows [you know I'm all about Kimbra]
Wine: Dowie Doole 2008 Shiraz, McClaren Vale, South Australia

The explanation of how this all tied together goes something like this.  Simple, easy listening/drinking, these are entry level stereos and wine. 

I really enjoyed this wine as it wasn't the fruit punch you normally expect of an Aussie Shiraz.  It was quite subdued and one of my compatriot WSET students said to me, 'This could have been a S. French wine.' 

Room 2

Stereo: 600 Series
Music Matching: Nat King Cole and Ray Charles
Wine: Fontodi, Chianti Classico 2008, Tuscany,  Western Italy

This gets a little heavier, a little more complex.  Alex explained that this wine was from a vineyard that produces organic wines.  Perhaps for this reason, this was a tad light for a Chianti Classico for me, but smooth nonetheless. I still prefer our Spaviero CC of any I have ever tried.

Room 3

Stereo:  802 Diamond
Music Matching: Classical Chinese
Wine: Chateaux Fombrauge 2009, Bordeaux, Western France

The description of this wine was led by Pong Nan, whom I later learned is a HK pop star!  Pong described the wine and music the following way.  Some wines are like you're girlfriend; good for fun, dancing, crazy times.  Others (this one) are like your mom.  You love them, but you aren't bringing them to the club.  This is a wine to sit and converse with.  As is the music.  As is the ultra premium ($200k+) stereo system.

This was a nice Saint Emilion Grand Cru.  Very similiar in style and taste to our SEs, but whew does this wear a heavy price tag! 

After the tour we were left to mingle, and in my case, chase the waiters around!  Delicious catering did a wonderful job with all of the canapes! 

Ahi Tuna Spoons
Veggie filo-cup pastry
Shrimp on baguette
Mini burgers (so cute)
Mini peking duck pancakes with plum sauce
Pan-seared ahi tuna and chili
#1 that I could have eaten alll night.....
 simple Scallop

Despite the fact I didn't win the lucky draw, everyone in attendance got to take home a Bowers & Wilkins canvas tote and leather iPhone holder, Cru magazine, and half bottle Astoria 9.5 Cold Wine NV!

Cheers and thanks  to all the hosts for an amazing evening!

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