Tuesday, July 24, 2012

3rd Week a la Jordan

Hey everyone, I'm still here continuing being a massive asset to the company, which according to Greg is "The best company in Hong Kong.' 

I hope everyone was alright during the typhoon!!  The HOFW team is made up of some of the most hardened veterans of the wine and gourmet food industry, so a T8 doesn't stop us!!  We only take days off if there is a T25, direct asteroid collision,  and if some people had a wee bit too much to drink the night before.  Not that ever happens here...

This week was a big deal with the Better Home and Living Expo over the weekend. We temporarily bolstered our forces with new recruits Joanna and Celia. 
Before the prepping on Thursday, Sean and I, aka the dynamic duo ( self appointed title ) sharpened our skills on the front lines in Hong Kong. We went to car dealerships, up and coming bars, restaurants, cellars and many more. No place is safe! 

Now last week I promised you that I'd attend Sean's boot camp where we'd do battle, however  I regret to inform you that this was not so.  Don't worry, it's on this Wednesday!

But more about the Expo.  With the whole team there we brought some serious crowds!  Here's my short account of the weekend:

- A incredible amount of samples of Foie Gras, Pork and Goose Terrine, Fig jam and Truffle Sauce

- Sean's interview with some TV network, where he'd seemed to lose control in his neck

- Lauren and I got a photo on behalf of the company with a reporter, obviously we allowed use of the photo on grounds we'd be instant celebrities 

- I was promoted to executive-director and head coordinatorof the truffle section, then some serious volume started moving

- Learned to say our various truffle products in Chinese

- My introduction to 'The Sean's Special,' where Sean would disappear and sell foie gras to the vendors

- Greg trying to undermine my chances with the cute girl on the booth opposite us

- Greg offering customers me if they bought something

- Julia, Joanna and I heading up the FLA,with free henna, food, tatts  and playing with the inversion table ( okay last one is just me!)

All in all we did well with the truffle sauce and terrines, selling out along with our stock of red wine and most of the white.

We all  celebrated with Thai food at Kowloon City where we followed it up with karaoke and hitting the d floor at wan chai, Sean and Lauren are CRAZY, had a blast.  Needless to say some of us weren't in our best form the day after... 

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