Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Meet Julia

Finally I am writing on the House of Fine Wine blog! It has already been a month that I’ve been in Hong Kong, and the days just fly by! It’s crazy!

So just a few lines about me:
I was born in Versailles, France. Yes, where there is the big castle. But I actually love this city, probably because my family lives there, but also because it is beautiful and SO FRENCH !

My parents have an Italian gourmet shop in this city, meaning that each time I go home it is a banquet, not quite as in the Louis XIV times, but almost! We would start with melon and San Daniel, or Mozzarella di Buffalla and tomatoes.  The main course would either be pasta al Ragu sauce sprinkled with parmesiono Reggiano or gnocchi a la romain with polpetine (herbed veal ball served with tomato sauce) and the famous tiramisu for desert. I am getting hungry now!

 If you get the time you can have a look on their web site: http://www.marc-iaconelli.com/
I studied in La Rochelle for 3 years, where I got my Bachelor Degree in International Business.  They were the best years of my life! If you get the chance, go!  It is a wonderful place; small and by the sea, and every Thursday night is student night where everybody meets at 5pm at “La Guignette”.

I studied for my masters degree in Bordeaux, one of the most beautiful cities of France. It is where I fell in love with wine.  I was already in love with food, but working for a Bordeaux wine negociant for almost 2 years enstilled a passion for wine in me!

I ended up in House of Fine Wines because of Wine and also because I want to travel and what happens out side of France.

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