Thursday, June 28, 2012

Factory 99 re-mix

Same venue.  Same great food.  New faces.  New wines.

Yesterday we invited our guests from Spain for an evening of new wines and great food, so of course we hit Factory 99.  Netsor and Carlos were in all the way from Barcelona, so it was up to us to show them a good time.

Special Guests: Jessica and Young Lionel
We started the evening with a 2008 Chateau Chante Alouette Saint Emilion Grand Cru and a massive plate of all things deliciously fried;  potato skins, calamari, fish, onion rings, and French fries.  The wine was a bit disappointing to everyone.  Heavy on the acid and the tannin and unbalanced in structure and flavor.


We enjoyed (some of us more than others) the Golden Palace 2008 Grand Reserve Shiraz.  This 14.55% packed a powerful punch, and there was some suspicion that the winery uses some tricks to achieve such a powerful nose.  Either way, I enjoyed the big jammy flavors with light pepper notes.


Two Chinese-style fusion dishes were brought out.  First the fried pepper pork, then egg and crab broccoli/cauliflower.  Yum.  We didn't match our wine to our food, but you know what, sometimes you've got to work with what you've got.

Nestor and Carlos

Pop! 2008 Upain from Navarra, Spain.  This is always a crowd pleaser, and John's favorite, so it will always be served!!  Highly tannic, with a biting satisfying spice, this is no doubt a Spanish wine.


This was the moment.  The moment I have been waiting for since January.  We finally cracked open the AVE Memento.

This is special.

Grown on only 1.3 hectacres of land, this wine is a mish-mosh of vines that were left to their own devices for over 80 years.  The winemaker decided to produce a wine with all seven varietals left to grow in their wild ways, and good thing he did.

Deep purple robe.

Intense fruity nose.

Big fruit with notes of pepper; soft on the pallate.

Although not perfectly balanced, this wine was definitely the star of the evening.  Everyone agreed that it was no everyday wine, and between the raspberry flavors and spice, it was the perfect end to the evening.

Happy Establishment Day!!!

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