Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dragon Boat 2012

It is upon us, the Dragon Boat festival officially (maybe?) begins tomorrow!!!  Have you had your dragon boat dumpling yet?

We did!

Yesterday HOFWs went for another epic lunch at Factory 99.  During one of the many hours we were there imbibing, chatting, and snacking, we were treated to a glutinous rice/meat/red bean pyramid; zongzi.  Those of us who have been in Asia a few years gobbled it down, those of us newer to Asia were good sports, but couldn't quite get more than one bite down.  [Ah hem Julia].

For those of you unfamiliar, John from Factory 99 informed me why we eat these sticky goo balls for the festival.  Here's what I learned:

Back in the day there was a much loved poet, Qu Yuan, who was banished from his home by the king who was threatened by his growing power and esteem.  After 28 years of despair and poetry wirting , he offed himself by drowning in the river.  Tough way to go, huh?

The people from his home were so upset by the drowning that they threw rice into the river to feed the fish and deter them from eating Qu's body.  The people paddled out into the water to drop the rice packets, while banging their drums to scare the fish from the body.  Wouldn't you??

This is why we eat sticky rice pyramids and row to this very day.   True story.  Or so it goes...

Wish me luck as I row with the InterNation's team for gold, plates, and victory!

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