Tuesday, May 29, 2012

VinExpo Day 1!

VinExpo VinExpo VinExpo.  Ohhh VinExpo.  This is why we love being in the industry.  Thousands of people from around the world all congregate in this one centre for one thing; WINE.  HOFWs is located on the far right of the convention centre in the heart of Spain.  We are with our friends from Clearly Organic pouring wines, sampling foie gras and truffles, and enjoying the scene!  Come by, say hi, and try some of Spain's lovliest!

Immediately after walking in yesterday we ran into friends.  So as not to be rude we obliged their requested French wines tasting session.  K-Element poured us some lovely Chablis wines and then the wine maker himself, Emmanuel Darnaud, poured us his very own Cruzes Hermitage.  [**Hermitage is wine appellation in the Rhone Valley and Chablis is an appellation in the Northern most area of Burgundy]. Big and jammy on the nose, this 100% Syrah from Northern Rhone Valley was rich on the palate.  A nice way to start the day.

Lovely German wines; LOVED the sparkling Chardonnay
Throughout the day we ventured throughout Spain, in and out of Germany, and even dabbled in America.  Everywhere you go you are surround by wine makers and enthusiasts who want to extoll their wine knowledge on you.  If you get a chance, pop in today or tomorrow!

Champagne, Pouilly Fuisse, Beaujolais, Chateanuef de Pape,  Pomerol x 2

Post VinExpo we made our way over to the Gateway Seafood restaurant in TST.  We met our friend Rex from Find Wines and some French wine makers for an evening of exceptional wines and gourmet dining. The wines were all really special, but for me the standouts were the 10 year old Champagne, Chateaneuf de Pape (my new favorite wine in the whole world.  Tasting tomorrow!!), and the Pomerol 100% Merlot.  Divine.

Can't wait to see what today has in store....

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