Friday, May 18, 2012

Sale in the City

Party All Day....
Despite the weather's attempts at thwarting us, the show did go on!  Thursday we joined Mags and a bunch of other vendors for an evening of wining and shopping.  There was jewelry, clothes, sunglasses, bags, and a whole host of other things.

Party All Night
We were stationed up on the roof which is right in the heart of LKF.  Have you been to the Fringe Club?  I hadn't before and was pleasantly surprised by the space.  Big out door rooftop equipt with a tikki hut and bar downstairs.  While guests paroozed our products, HOWFs enjoyed some draft Carlsberg and of course, truffles and foie gras!

**Special Guest Alert**

Young Lionel came out to show his support!!  This is two events in two weeks he's come out.  Thanks YL!  

How were your Thursdays?  Anyone excited for this rain predicted weekend?  I'll be on a junk enjoying some of HOFWs finest bubbles and blondes.  Cheers!

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