Monday, May 14, 2012

Post Weekend Wrap Up!

I know you've been dying to know how our weekend was.  Well here you have it, the Weekend Wrap Up! 

Saturday we strangely had the day off, but not to worry Sunday we were back at it.   We spent the day at the YWCA jamming out to the music of Capoeira.  If you're like me you have no idea what that last sentence means, so let me enlighten you! 

Capoeira is, according to Wikipedia, a Brazilian  martial art that combines elements of dance and music.  Trust me, after 12 hours of watching Capoeira, I am an expert.  Everyone sits around in a circle while 2 people get up to 'game.'  They squat down, give a little handshake, and then cartwheel off into the middle.  Then starts this restrained yoga-esq dance where they object is NOT to hit eachother, but just look like you will.  All the while there's a main dude leading a chant, drummers drumming away, 3 guys on a bow, and everyone else around the circle chants and claps. The music is amazing and you'd have to be totally bereft of rythym (and soul!??) not to start rocking out to the beat.  Reminds me of Buju Banton mixed with some Indian chanting...which is awesome. 

Bt alas, the Capoeira couldn't go on all day, although they certainly tried!!  In the middle of the afternoon some ballet and jazz dancers came out and did a little performance.  Then more Capoeira, then a break for some interpretive Brazilian dance.  That's kind of where they lost me.  I liked the music, but it was a little out there for me.  See woman in rice paddy hats below:

My favorite glitter tatooist was there as well.  Rachel always has such cool tattoos, but this time I decided in honor of Mother's Day, I should get a pirate tat. Looks pretty cool, right!?  If you want glitter tattoos for a party, or hell for Saturday night out, email Rachel at

And here's a video just in case my totally descriptive description wasn't clear enough for you.  Happy Monday!

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