Sunday, April 1, 2012


Happy Monday of this very short week!  Well for some of us.  You know HOFWs, we're not going to let the holiday slow us down!  More on that later this week.

Live music at the farmer's market
Sunday Sean and I manned our table at the DB Farmer's Market.  It was the perfect day to be outside with our fellow vendors procuring everything from honey to veggies to cupcakes to wine.  I didn't have a lot of time to look around as we were pretty busy pouring wine samples and taking orders.  It being a farmer's market had a lot of organic minded people out and about.  And let me tell you, one of these organic minded couples raised a really interesting question:

Does your organic wine have less calories than regular wine?

Well, I thought, why would it?  And then the gentleman enlightened me.  Apparently since the grapes are grown without fertilizer or pesticides they tend to be smaller and less ripe than their fertlized friends.  Less ripe means less sugar means less calories.  Interesting!  He also shared a little tidbit about measuring the amount of calories in a glass of wine.  In general and off the cuff method of gauging calories is 10 x the alcohol percentage.  Got a 14% wine?  That's 140 calories per glass.  Have you guys heard this before!?  News to me!  Although I guess you tend not to think calories when you're drinking wine, right?  Calories are reserved for beer I'm pretty sure.  

Here's another little tidbit about organic wines.  They have less sulfites than their non-organic friends.  Less sulfites, less headache the day after.  True story.  Perhaps this is also a result of lower sugar levels.  Thoughts?
Sean setting up
 This brings me to the Wine of the Day!  Today we will focus on:

Clearly Organic
Sauvignon Blanc
13% (that's 130 calories per glass :) )

This wine is from the largest organic farm in the world in Toldeo, Spain.  

Colour: Pale straw yellow with slight hints of green
Nose: Green fruits; apple, citrus, with a hint of apricot.
Palate: Dry, crisp, fruity with flavours of melon, apricot and citrus.

This is one of our best selling wines. When you drink this wine you instantly want to be outside in the sun.  It's just that kind of a wine.  
Please share your thoughts with us on organic wines.  Does it make a difference?   

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